Seattle Trip, Slip & Fall Attorneys

Representing Those Injured in Washington State Trip, Slip and Fall Accidents

If you were injured by tripping over an object, slipping on the floor or falling on an icy sidewalk or parking lot, school, retail establishment, restaurant or another public place, you may be eligible to file a premises liability claim against the owner of the property. The personal injury lawyers at Kinney Law Group have the experience and knowledge to review your situation and protect your rights.

We have handled premises liability cases based on hazards such as:

  • Slippery floors due to water, oils or other substances
  • Pipes, lumber and merchandise laying on the floor
  • Ice and snow in parking lots and sidewalks
  • Cracked and broken sidewalks
  • Broken deck boards and stairs
  • Missing handrails
  • Stairs which are not ADA compliant
  • Parking blocks that were not visible

Building owners have the responsibility to maintain their property in a safe condition and keep it clear of debris and slippery surfaces. Unfortunately, they do not always follow this standard of care, making the property dangerous.

If you have been injured in a trip and fall, we encourage you to contact the Seattle accident attorneys of Kinney Law Group to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim. Our slip and fall attorneys handle cases throughout Eastern and Western Washington. We look forward to answering your questions and protecting your interests.


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