Representative Cases

Attorney Jay Kinney has obtained over 21 million dollars in personal injury verdicts and settlements — and Washington State Labor & Industries awards for disabled workers.

Representative cases include:

  • Construction worker, quadriplegia suffered in a fall
  • Ironworker, head injury from falling debris
  • Millwright, occupational disease, shoulder, neck and knees
  • Fish processor, hand amputation, unguarded fish-head grinder “muffin monster”
  • Painter, manlift tip over, negligence of general contractor and manufacturer
  • Rigger, defective forklift, knee and back injuries, knee replacement
  • Ironworker, lifting accident, low-back surgery
  • Ironworker, crushed foot, general contractor and subcontractor negligence
  • Wrongful death, apartment fire, landlord failed to install smoke detector
  • Carpenter, low back surgery
  • Carpenter, occupational disease arthritis knees and hips
  • Aerospace machinist, multi-level spinal herniations
  • Elderly restaurant patron, broken hip on defective stairs
  • Nurse, low back injury from lifting patient
  • Aerospace machinist, head injury from machine malfunction
  • Sheetrock plant worker, amputated fingers, unguarded machinery
  • Hospital worker, three-level cervical fusion
  • Pile buck, occupational disease arthritis multiple joints
  • Maintenance worker, electrocution
  • Mechanic, lumbosacral spine surgery
  • Mechanic, carpal tunnel
  • Logger, brain injury due to yarding cable
  • Laborer, head injury
  • Pipefitter, cervical injury
  • Truck mechanic, low back injury
  • Restaurant waitress, low back injury
  • Baker, baker’s asthma
  • Truck driver, long-haul, death
  • Doctor, long term disability claim, vision loss
  • Lumber delivery driver, falling load, crushed legs
  • Yoga instructor, broken ankle, parking lot slip on ice
  • Grocery shopper, knee and shoulder injuries, slipped in store


“ Mr. Kinney, never gave up on what needed to be done, he has ALWAYS worked really hard and come through with positive results! Mr. Kinney knows what he is doing , is honest and trustworthy. We have and will continue to recommend Mr. Kinney! Barry…”

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