Seattle Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Kinney Law Group’s Washington workers’ compensation attorneys have decades of experience helping workers injured on the job. Our clients include carpenters, iron workers, nurses, millwrights, truck drivers, aerospace workers, loggers, painters… you get the idea.

Injured workers often hire an attorney when the department or employer deny them time loss, treatment or rehabilitation. In many cases, people need an experienced lawyer to obtain time loss or medical benefits. We will help you obtain the maximum compensation allowed under the Industrial Insurance Act.

Please contact our office in Seattle, Washington, to protect your rights. Our fees are contingent on the outcome of your case. We do not get paid until we produce positive results for you.

Experienced Representation for Washington Labor & Industries Claims

The Industrial Insurance Act of Washington is a complex statute that provides coverage for an injury or occupational disease or impairment arising in the course of employment. We have handled thousands of Labor & Industries (L&I) claims, both state fund and self-insured employer cases, for workers all over the state, with just about every injury imaginable.

Other lawyers either handle just a few cases per year, or sign up a lot of clients and leave them in the care of their paralegals. With Kinney Law Group, you will have the benefit of the training, experience and dedication of an attorney from your first visit to the conclusion of your case. You will meet, talk, and plan with us, we will get to know you, and we will strive to maximize your benefits and reduce your frustration at every step of the process. We are rare in this regard.

We encourage you to contact the Seattle workers’ compensation attorneys of Kinney Law Group to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim. Our attorneys handle cases throughout Eastern and Western Washington. We look forward to answering your questions and protecting your interests.


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