Should I file a new claim or reopen an old claim?

I hurt my back again (or neck, or knee, or....). Should I reopen my old claim or file a new one?

Always do both. File a reopening application for an old claim if the medical condition was previously covered by an old claim, and file a new claim, too. It is not necessary for the new injury to cause a new condition. A new injury can aggravate an old condition.

Many work injuries never totally heal, so it is common for a worker to reinjure his or herself. When this happens, the employer almost never wants the worker to file a new claim. This is part of a major problem called claim suppression.

However, it is ALWAYS best for you to file a new injury claim with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries if the event at work qualifies as an injury -- basically, you felt some sort of pain in connection with an event, such as lifting something heavy. Even if you do not go to a doctor right away, report it to a supervisor and make sure it is documented, even if all you do is write it down on your own calendar.

You will have one year to file a claim for the new injury.

If you think the medical problem is an old injury that has been flared up, then file a reopening application, too.

Let the Department of Labor and Industries figure out whether the medical condition is due to a new injury or an old one.

Use these links to file a new claim online or to get the form to reopen an old claim:

New claim/online:




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