Seattle is Still Number One in Working Cranes

Seattle is Still Number O…

We have always represented a lot of ironworkers out of Local 86, so it’s good to see them hard at work in Seattle.

Since July 2016, Seattle has led the nation in the number of cranes on jobsites. Seattle maintains its national lead with 45 working cranes. This is down from last year, when Seattle had around 60. Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver are the closest cities, each with 36. Portland remains number five on the US list, with 32.

Much of the construction in Seattle is in the South Lake Union neighborhood, due to Amazon's continuing expansion. The Denny Triangle, the U District, Capital Hill and Ballard all have cranes working. Bellevue has seven cranes. Even Bainbridge Island has one. Rainier Square, near my old One Union Square office where I worked for 33 years with Scott Kinney Fjelstad & Mack, is now a hole in the ground, but soon will be a 58-story skyscraper.

Seattle is a great place to be in the construction industry.

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