Proven skill, experience and professionalism. Excellent litigator!

A couple years ago Jay and I had similar cases involving hand amputations which resulted from unguarded and defective commercial fishing machinery. Jay's case resolved before my client's incident. I contacted Jay on my case because of the similarity of injuries and our case involved the same equipment manufacturer. Jay immediately provided me with invaluable information and shared his research regarding the equipment manufacturer and suggested an industrial safety expert who was very knowledgeable in the area of commercial fishing accidents resulting from unguarded equipment. Jay's willingness to share his considerable work on his case proved to be a real asset and time saver for my office in preparation of our case. Throughout my many discussions with Jay he always impressed me with his legal analysis and thoroughness. His strategic insights also proved very helpful in the resolution of my case. I would unconditionally recommend Jay to any client due to his proven skill, experience and professionalism. Excellent litigator!

Dann D. Sheffield, attorney