Seattle Short & Long Term Disability Attorneys

long term disability attorneys

Many people, such as medical professionals, Boeing workers, and other union members have short and long term disability insurance. Disability insurance provides financial security, allowing you to recover for wage loss even if your injury or condition is not covered by the workers' compensation system. However, many insurers unreasonably deny benefits to which people are entitled. Prompt contact with a lawyer before a final claim denial is vital to the claim’s ultimate success.

Dedicated Washington Disability Insurance Claim Attorneys

We have recovered benefits for doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, public employees, Boeing assemblers and construction workers such as ironworkers, millwrights and carpenters. We have experience in state and federal trials and appeals when either an ERISA or private policy is denied.

If you believe you have wrongly been denied disability insurance benefits, we encourage you to contact the Seattle attorneys of Kinney Law Group to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim. Our disability insurance attorneys handle cases throughout Eastern and Western Washington. We look forward to answering your questions and protecting your interests.